About RenewDrive

RenewDrive Solutions (RenewDrive) designs and develops innovative Clean-Tech solutions especially for people who live in rural areas and have per capita income of less than US$2 per day. The problem we are solving is the affordability and access to dependable clean energy solutions.

We believe strongly in solar, but are not blinkered about it, versus other forms of renewable energy technologies. Our focus is on the affordability of such technologies.

Currently, our business is service-based for fruit and vegetable farmers and it’s mainly centred on solving food storage related challenges in developing countries. We solve this through design and installation of affordable, solar-powered walk-in storage hubs for fruit and vegetable farmers.


To contribute to infrastructural improvements that provide smallholder farmers with essential resources to do business in a sustainable way.


To be the leading company providing sustainable and affordable clean-tech solutions in Africa by 2030.

The RenewDrive Way

(Our Values)

We take care of each other

We face challenges with optimism

We are always open to collaboration

We innovate with heart and balance

We focus on doing the right things the right way

Business Timeline



Ideation, Development and Testing Of First Prototype


First Pilot Program in Nigeria


Launch of Commercial Operations in Nigeria


Expansion of Commercial Operations to West Africa