RenewDrive Designs And Develops Innovative Clean-Tech Solutions To Improve Livelihoods, Empower Women, And Combat Climate Change.


We believe that off-grid solar technologies could create a leap opportunity in energy access and address a huge market need, especially for people who live in rural areas and have per capita income of less than US$2 per day.


We proactively work with communities at the intersection of how clean-tech solutions can help leapfrog obsolete development trends and provide a higher quality of life to much of the underserved population.

Research and Development

Our innovation approach is one of design, test and adjust. We are committed to keep iterating and developing more clean-tech solutions that enable our customers to choose when and how much they pay.

Greening Cold Chains To Cut Food Waste!

According to the 2016 Rockefeller Foundation report titled ‘YieldWise: How the World Can Cut Food Waste’, “In developing countries, refrigeration is both expensive and inaccessible for millions of farmers who live in rural areas and have per capita income of less than US$2 per day”. Till date, this problem still persists and leads to spoilage rates as high as 45% for fruits and vegetables, and a total loss of $4 billion dollars in Africa annually says Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The Global Opportunity Report of 2018 outlines recent advances in mobile refrigeration, for example the use of solar power, which is creating a revolution ‘that harnesses renewable energy to fix the broken cold chains’. By using solar energy we attempt to ‘green’ cold chains and make it very affordable for everyone.

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